A Vote for Freedom

The elections on Tuesday November 4th 2014 were not won by the Republicans because they have a great plan. The vote was against the Democrats and the direction that they are taking the Country. The Democrats are still having trouble understanding how they lost, which is part of the problem, a total lack of self awareness and lack of ability to understand that there are people who believe differently than they do. The Democratic party of my fathers generation is gone, it has been replaced with the party of more government, more taxes, fewer rights and less freedom. To vote Democratic in the 21st century is to vote for Socialism and Tyranny and the continued destruction of America. Why did the Democrats lose so resoundingly across the country?

We voted against a President that has shown nothing but disdain and hatred towards an America that he swore an oath to protect and a Constitution that he swore to uphold.

We voted against a failed Presidency and administration incapable of leading.

We voted against the political targeting of Americans that hold conservative views.

We voted against the Democrats race baiting, divisive policies of hate.

We voted against Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice.

We voted against a government that relegates the very men and women who defend our freedom to die while waiting endlessly for health care in the V.A.

We voted against a false War on Women that exists only in the minds of pundits and the delusions of the left.

We voted against a government that uses its power to attack our faith and spiritual beliefs.

We voted against the chains of government dependence that Democrats would forge to shackle those that have been beaten down by a collapsed economy.

We voted against the culture of entitlement that liberals are determined to nurture in an effort to buy elections.

We voted against open borders and immigration reform that seeks to glorify law breakers and yet enslave them to the dependency of government “freebies” in order to pad the polls in favor of the left.

We voted against Socialism, the forced redistribution of wealth and other socialist policies of the left.

We voted against the government takeover of our health care.

We voted against the NSA Spying on Americans

We voted against open borders that allow terrorists and criminals to move freely into America and threaten our safety and the lives of those we cherish.

We voted against progressively socialist decisions handed down by activist judges pursing their personal ideology over justice.

We voted against the liberal media machine that ignores the truth and lies to the American public to further the socialist policies of the left.

We voted against what has become a State media that pursues their own narrative and acts at the behest of their masters rather than the objective investigative reporting that shines the bright light of truth in the dark corners.

We voted against self loathing America hating liberal ideology that seeks to destroy the very things we cherish and love about America.

We voted against what has become the indoctrination of youth in our schools to accept the revisionist lies and deceit of the left as truth

We voted against the gun grabbers and those who would pursue restrictive laws to attack the rights of the 99.9% of legal gun owners rather than pursue laws to prevent and reduce actual crime and hold criminals accountable.

We voted against the continued militarization of our local police forces.

We voted against big government, higher taxes, and the Nanny State.

We voted against tyranny and for freedom.

Never Forget Benghazi


Grims Toons

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Hillary’s First Term

I support Hillary’s First Term

100 new Hillary Clinton Benghazi Memes

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hillaryclinton benghzibitch 146 300x300 100 new Hillary Clinton Benghazi Memes

So we’re going to try an experiment to see if we can get more Benghazi coverage, pick a meme or share the post with this album but do it from the wordpress page to your facebook or other social media accounts

I’m Ready to Vote Hildog is through how about you?

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In 2016 Smart Power will Return

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What difference does it make?